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Hi Mr Fracisco its me Adriana

i dont know many engish but i will try too do better than i can

i was born in B/quilla on may 2/2001 im the daugther of a businessmannd an architect, oh , i almost fotget it, i have a edest brother his name is steven.

We never had the best childhood because our parents fought a lot, causing a divorce... so... my brother needed to mature from young, he became the man of the house taking care of me and my cute mommy. when my parents are divorce, i had 4 years old or 5 i dont remember that bou i was a child
i had to learn to see my dad with several women who wasnt my mom, was very hard for me

Over time i get fat ande have many insecurities, but i exceeded them when i was 12 years old, at that age i had my firs botfriend and we lasted about three years (he is my boyfriend again, we are happy <3) we ended uo because i changed schools, and i entered at lyndon b school, i was very nervous because i didnt know anyone and i still had insecurities, i did enter a…

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